TSI Switches from Analog Phone to VOIP Service from 8×8

It’s just improved the productivity of everybody. And from the business side of it, it cut our phone costs substantially.”
– Chuck Reynolds, Founder and Principal, TSI

Old Analog Phone System Too Cumbersome

Technical Systems Integrators (TSI), a provider of electronic design automation solutions, decided to upgrade its aging analog phone system. The existing system required significant ongoing maintenance and lacked the latest telecommunications features. “Configuring it was a pain,” said Chuck Reynolds, founder and principal of TSI. When the company moved its home office about two and a half years ago, it decided to take advantage of the opportunity to also invest in a new phone system.

TSI sells software, training and consulting services to companies that design and build integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. TSI is based in Maitland, Florida and also has field offices in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and other parts of Florida.

The company wanted a phone system that could tie together its geographically-distributed offices. It was also looking for advanced features and a simpler, low-maintenance system.

Switch to Virtual Office from 8×8

After researching several phone systems, TSI chose Virtual Office from 8×8, a hosted voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone system. Virtual Office is a digital service that runs over broadband IP networks instead of traditional analog phone networks. 8×8 hosts a shared PBX in its data center, and customers access it via high-speed Internet connections from their offices.

“The software of the 8×8 system is quite friendly and easy to use. It has more features than you would ever care to use,” said Reynolds. The cost of using 8×8’s hosted service was also less than buying and managing their own PBX. “We ran the numbers on it and it was just so much more economical – less impact on us.”

TSI deployed Virtual Office, bought new phones from 8×8 and installed a high-end network router. “We got rid of our 800 numbers. We got rid of our conferencing service. All those things went away, and we just went to the VOIP system,” he said.

Reynolds recommends a good managed switch with QoS features and reliable Internet service for deploying a VOIP phone system. “That makes all the difference in the quality of service.”

Better Productivity and Lower Costs

All of TSI’s employees are now connected through the same virtual phone system. “The interface to our customers and vendors is extremely professional and streamlined,” he said. “We don’t have to have a receptionist. We can all conference in at the drop of a hat. We use it actually as our conference call-in for all of our [external] meetings, so we save money on the fees for the webinars that we do. Having everybody local from a phone perspective is great. It’s just improved the productivity of everybody. And from the business side of it, it cut our phone costs substantially.”

Reynolds continued, “We have it integrated into Outlook, so when somebody calls in, it pops up their contact record. I do my dialing out of Outlook. I can take the phone home or on the road and pretend I’m at the office.”

“If in fact the Internet does go down, each person’s extension is then automatically forwarded to their cell phone, so we never lose any calls that way,” he said. “So we don’t have phone lines now. It’s all Internet based. I recommend it highly.”




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  1. I found your blog searching bing for business phones blogs and came across your website. Its very interesting and I have worked in the phones for the last 10 years. I even have my own blog dedicated 100% to phone systems! I look forward to reading more posts, and hope you would check out my blog as well. Thanks again. Good Day!

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